Fix “Network Error” issue in Proton VPN

Fix “Network Error” issue in Proton VPN



This issue occurs rarely in Proton VPN. The root cause can be, but not limited to, that;
– you have an issue with your internet connection (you might not have one, or it might be very slow)



– close the error window
– quit Proton VPN GUI/CLI window or kill Proton VPN’s process via Terminal
– check whether you have an Internet connection (navigate to a random site or do a random search)
– if the Internet is working (if not, make sure you have disabled Permanent/ Kill Switch), open a new instance of Proton VPN
– connect to a VPN Server Location of choice
– enable “Kill Switch” or “Permanent Kill Switch” if you wish to


Fix “Network Error” issue in Proton VPN
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