How to fix Grub Rescue on Kali Linux after Windows update

How to fix Grub Rescue on Kali Linux after Windows Update

How to fix Grub Rescue on Kali Linux after Windows update

Did you update your Windows OS and then after a reboot,got this annoying blank screen with only two words: “grub rescue”, a single right angle bracket and a blinking cursor?
Take a breath now, will you? You are in the Right Place in the Right Time, && all is not lost!
The only catch here is that you need to follow the following Fixing Procedure to the letter! Note that UNIX-like operating systems are case sensitive, so take care. You also must make ZERO mistakes!

Type all the commands as is!


Note that, for the fix below, the Linux OS used is Kali, so I don’t guarantee that it will work for other linux distributions including but not limited to; Ubuntu, Redhat, Arch, Mint, Fedora, etc, just to mention a few.

Lets dive into the fun part now, shall we?

Enter the commands below in the Terminal space, accessible from the grub rescue screen options!


Step #1



Step #2

ls (hdx,gptx) 


Step #3



Step #4

set root=(hdx,gptx)


Step #5

set boot=(hdx,gptx)


Step #6

set prefix=(hdx,gptx)/boot/grub


Step #7



Step #8

insmod normal


Step #9



Step #10

Now boot to Kali Linux and go straight to Terminal before doing anything else on your Kali machine, and type in the following commands:.


Step #11



Step #12



Step #13

Now Reboot your KALI machine to confirm that the “grub rescue” exception at boot is fixed.


If the above fix doesn’t work for you, don’t give up yet, and go on to overwrite your Kali Linux OS, just to lose all your files.

There are three options at this point;

  1. First, repeat the above steps keenly, once more.
  2. Secondly, if repeating the fix in this article doesn’t fix your Grub Rescue issue, there are variant ways to fix Grub Rescue, so go on and search for other different methods to resolve your issue.
  3. Lastly burn a KALI ISO image to a flash drive and overwrite the existing Kali distribution (Be careful not to overwrite the wrong volumes in your HDD, especially if you have dual booted.


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Fix Grub Rescue on Kali Linux after Windows update
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