How to check Microsoft Windows Installation Date

How to check Microsoft Windows Installation Date

Have you ever thought of checking when the version of Windows was installed? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to know when the Windows OS you are using was installed?

Well, here is the simple solution for checking the installation date of whichever Microsoft windows you are using, for whatever reason.

We will be using Microsoft Windows Command Prompt (cmd) for the demonstration. Note that: The commands in this demonstration will not work with Windows Powershell. (In Windows, some Command Prompt commands do not work on Powershell and vice-versa while some commands work on both Powershell and Command Prompt)

Command Prompt can be run on Windows 10 by the key combination “Windows key + X” or right-clicking “Start button” and then “A” or selecting Windows Command Prompt (Admin). This is only possible if you have not chosen to replace Command Prompt with Powershell. (To understand more about making your computing experience easier, check on posts on “Advancing your Windows skills via Keyboard” from the “Unlocking Windows Potential” Series).

Alternatively, just search for Windows Command Prompt from the Start Menu. Other methods of searching include; pressing the Windows key or tapping your Precision keyboard (check on how to know if your touchpad is a Precision Touchpad) using three fingers (check on how to activate advanced touchpad capabilities in your laptop computer) and typing Command Prompt.

Checking Windows Installation date using Command Prompt (cmd):

C:\WINDOWS\system32> systeminfo | find /i “Original”

The output of the above command is:

How to check Microsoft Windows Installation Date

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How to check Microsoft Windows Installation Date
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