How to enhance Internet Privacy with Firefox and DuckDuckGo

How to enhance Internet Privacy with Firefox and DuckDuckGo

The Internet & Trackers

The Internet is not the safest place to go with your internet-accessing device – Mobile Phone or Windows machine or even a Linux-based OS, like Kali Linux & Ubuntu – without the right tools. However, there are some tools including operating systems, that are purely tailor-made for purposes of internet security, like the incredible Tails OS (Check out how to Download & Install Tails OS).

You may be already aware of this but, the list of trackers on the internet is infinite, so to say, but there are of course the key players in each game, who are in this case big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter, just to mention a few. These trackers have certain goals, ranging from personsalized advertising to recommendations, but, you can never really know who is doing what with personsalized data they have collected from you through all your Internet sessions via your browsing software (browser).

Now, there are thousands of browsers out there that you can use to suite your needs, because every browsing software is developed with a target audience, intented purpose and/or its speciality in mind, but you should know that not all browsers are “good”, a property thay can be flexible depending on who you ask.

Most browsers are not the best as a result of poor development, be it in the UI (User Interface) and/or most importantly, in the functionalities (which is key). Depending on the user, many people love many browsers for many reasons, including but not limited to the UX (User Experience), general appearance (UI) and capabilities/functionalities. 


Internet Privacy Tools

The tools we are going to use here, stay are both totally Free & Open Source. Their developers, who all have the same mission as me, aim to educate, encourage and campaign for Internet Privacy and a Free Internet World, free of prying eyes (trackers) monitoring you in every corner of the internet, for whatever reason (Check out why Trackers track you in the Internet).

1. Firefox Browser

In this article, I have narrowed down the endless list of browsers, to only the  FireFox Browser (Mozilla Firefox) , a browser that you can personally customize to fit your privacy “craving”.

Why Firefox?

Firefox developers, non-profit organization, Mozilla Foundation & Mozilla Corporation, are dedicated to put their clients privacy first. If you don’t have Firefox, Download the Firefox Browser and install it to begin enhancing your internet privacy today!

Firefox was first released in 2002 as a better alternative to IE (Internet Explorer). Now it faces stiff competition from Google Chrome and Safari. Firefox was created as a spiritual sequel (featuring many of the same elements, themes, or styles) of Netscape Navigator.

> Firefox Settings

In Firefox settings you can do a lot to greatly improve your privacy while browsing:

– First, I’d recommend that you Make Firefox your default browser. Navigate to the Firefox menu > Options > General (Alternertively, you can just enter “about:preferences#general” on the address bar).

firefox _ not default browser

Check the “Always check if Firefox is your default browser” checkbox. Click the “Make Default” button next to “Firefox is not your default browser” (Note: The Make Default button will not be available if Firefox is already set as the default button) and this should take you to your operating system’s Default Programs/Apps main settings where you should select Firefox as your default browser under the Browser/Web Browser category.

firefox _ default browser


Find out more on why you should use Mozilla Firefox at Firefox Privacy.


2. DuckDuckGo Search Engine

> Firefox Settings

– Next, navigate to the Firefox menu > Options > Search. Find “Default Search Engine” (Alternertively, you can just enter “about:preferences#search” on the address bar). On the dropdown menu below “This is your default search engine in the address bar and search bar. You can switch it at any time.“, select DuckDuckGo to set it as your default search engine (Check out how to improve internet security with DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials)!

firefox _ search engine settings

Why DuckDuckGo?

The DuckDuckGo team assures that all the searches you make to the World Wide Web (WWW) via your Firefox browser are not being tracked, because DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you on the internet unlike many search engines.

For more info on the extent that duckduckgo goes to provide a search free of tracking, go to the  DuckDuckGo homepage and scroll down to the FAQs.

Also check out DuckDuckGo Privacy Policy to get more informed!

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How to enhance Internet Privacy with Firefox and DuckDuckGo
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