How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using - Signup/Login

As many are already aware, you can make money via a website. Different people have different ideas of how to use their sites to earn as much as they can. Some earn via their sites by Ad Campaigns, Affiliate Programs from ecommerce sites like Amazon and Memberships in different platforms, amongst other ways.

What has become popular with bloggers and content creators lately is the Membership method of making CA$H, with some of the popular platforms being; Patreon, Ko-Fi  and Buy Me A Coffee.

If you don’t already know about Buy Me A Coffee, it is a company based in San Francisco, established in 2018, which offers a platform for creators to accept Donations. Buy Me A Coffee is growing really fast, with the platform already boasting of harbouring over 300,000 creators!

Donations here [] are referred to as “Coffee”; there are No Businesses, just Creators; && there are No Customers, just Supporters!

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using

If you are a content creator, blogger, youtuber, online tutor, etc., this is the perfect platform for you to earn money for your creative works. With creation of an account being totally free, you don’t need to pay to start earning for your creations!

Buy Me A Coffee has quite much to offer anyone who chooses them;

1. Supporters && Followers

When someone Supports you by buying you a coffee, you get their stats o your dashboard. Equally, stats on your followers appear directly on your dashboard. These stats can be very helpful when making decisions for instance when you want to develop exclusive content for your members.

2. Membership

Buy Me A Coffee besides allowing you to receive direct donations via support buttons, have their own membership feature. This feature is useful if you want to offer your fans exclusive content at a constant fee per month/year. This feature guarantees a more stable income if you have your members who have subscribed to your page on Buy Me A Coffee, as members pay upfront.

What else is interesting with Membership is that you can set multiple membership “Levels” at different prices for your fans to subscribe.

Additionally, you can send out invites to these memberships. These invites grants those you invite free access. Buy Me A Coffee actually refers to them as “Membership giveaway“!

3. Custom Coffee Price

Buy Me A Coffee allows you to set a custom price for your “coffee“. You can go as low as $1 or as high as $5! (You don’t want to scare off fans by setting the price of coffee too high, right?)

A supporter can however choose to buy as many cups of coffee as they wish, so setting the price at $5 doesn’t mean you will receive $5 as the maximum amount per fan!

4. Thank You Message

Buy Me A Coffee allows you to set a custom Message to thank all your supporters, set to appear after they supported you.

5. Payment options

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using - Payment methods

Buy Me A Coffee allows Supporters to support your works via a variety of payment options. They have partnered with PayPal and Stripe, so donations made go directly into the chosen account, marked as ‘Enabled‘ under ‘Payment methods‘ in your account Settings! Buy Me A Coffee doesn’t hold your earnings. Any donations made don’t take time to get into you account!

6. Cover Credit Card Fee

Buy Me A Coffee gives you an option to cover the credit card fee for your fans as they buy you coffee. This option can be enabled/disabled at your discretion via a toggle button in your account Settings.

7. Goals

Buy Me A Coffee provides a feature in your account to set a ‘Goal‘. Goals can motivate your fans/supporters to buy you even more coffee!

8. Page Link

Buy Me A Coffee provides you a unique link to your page which you can share on your socials or wherever you like, for fans to support you!

9. Analytics

If you are signed up with Google Analytics to monitor your site traffic, Buy Me A Coffee provides a feature to get page visits data sent directly to your Google Analytics account.

To achieve this, all you need to do is to login into your Analytics account and copy your tracking code, head back to Buy Me A Coffee and paste the code in the area provided under ‘Google Analytics‘ in your Buy Me A Coffee account ‘Settings‘!

10. Integrations

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using - Integrations

Buy Me A Coffee gives you multiple options for integratins. You can integrate Buy Me A Coffee with WordPress, Discord, Zapier && Stream Alert.

For WordPress, Buy Me A Coffee have taken an extra step to create a wordpress plugin. All you have to do is search for the plugin (“Buy Me a Coffee“) in your wordpress dashboard, install it and link your account directly from there, by entering your page name!

11. Messages

Buy Me A Coffee also has a feature for messaging. You can use the feature to Message one or all Followers, Supporters and/or Members privately.

In messaging you can enable ‘Direct Messaging‘, to allow your Supporters to message you!

12. Extras

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using - Extras

Buy Me a Coffee provides an “Extras” feature that gives you even more ways to monetize your content. You can create; “Live Event Ticket” (for live Zoom sessions), “Book a Zoom” (for scheduling Zoom calls), “Digital Download” (paid exclusive downloads), etc., for your fans, to geteven more support!

13. Posts

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using - Posts

Buy Me A Coffee provides a feature to create posts. The post can be formatted using text-editing features like bold, italics and underline, and links, embedded code && images can be inserted.

These posts can be set to be accessible to the “Public“, “Supporters only” or “Members only“.

In addition, a creator can create categories for the post for better organization and the posts can be scheduled to be posted at a set time.

Besides a standard post, a creator can create an album. Buy Me A Coffee is also in the process of developing a podcast post type that will create an extra way to make cash.

14. Buy Me A Coffee Status

How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using - Status

Buy Me A Coffee has a subdomain that they have dedicated to monitoring the Status of their services. At, you will find the Status of the BuyMeACoffee’s Website, Payments, Developer API and Search.

15. Chat

Buy Me A Coffee provides two ways to reach them; a Live Chat and an Email. Via these two channels, you can ask Questions to the Buy Me A Coffee team, provide Feedback and/or even Request a Feature!

NOTE:// Buy Me A Coffee does not charge you for membership! The only time Buy Me A Coffee charges you is when you earn (when someone buys you a coffee)! They take only 5% of your earnings (of course a company has to maintain it’s resources, pay its staff, etc.) while 95% of what you earn is all 100% yours. There are no monthly account maintenance costs and other costs incurred by a creator like in some other membership platforms.


To get started with Buy Me A Coffee, all you need is an Email address and a Password. And like advertised on their site, the Signup process literally takes less than a minute! Start earning today by signing up at Buy Me A Coffee! Happy Earning!

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How to Make Money with a Website/Blog using
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