Design Thinking process

Design Thinking process

Design Thinking process – This is an iterative process of solving “wicked”/poorly-defined complex problems by providing an innovation-based approach.

It involves 5 main processes;

1. Empathizing process (Empathize) – Involves understanding users and their needs, by engaging with real-world end-users.

2. Defining process (Define) – Involves defining the user needs/problem to be solved as understood in the Empathizing process, to come up with a problem statement.

3. Ideation process (Ideate) – Involves the generation, development and conveying of new creative ideas or innovations through use of techniques such as brainstorming, brain mapping and prototyping among others.

4. Prototyping process (Prototype) – Involves creating testable solutions to the problem, that are a scaled-down version of the final product.

5. Testing process (Test) – Involves testing the realized prototypes, with an aim of either perfecting/refining the solution or redefining further problems that call for iteration through the “Design Thinking process”.


Design Thinking process
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