How and where are Windows User Themes Files stored?

How and where are Windows User Themes Files stored?

If you use Windows OS, then you probably have come across the Personalization feature on Windows. One of the options it provides is to edit your Background picture, Lock Screen picture, color scheme and more, all of which can be saved as a theme.
If you don’t save your personalization options as a theme, they will still be applied to your PC, but in case you or someone else changes something, if you can’t remember exactly what you had set before, then you cannot go back to your previous settings, which probably took you time to set. This is where saving themes using unique names comes in handy.

Now, these theme settings are saved somewhere as files under the User’s AppData folder, on your Windows directory structure. This is how you can switch to different themes if you’ve saved them.

Here is where the theme files are saved:



Now that you know where these files are, you could modify some of their properties, including the Name. The other modifications like the images attached can only be done inside the files, but be careful as you could cause the themes to break.

If you could like to risk breaking you theme, which must not be the outcome of editing the files’ internals, you can open the “.theme” file using an editor that can read and write it. Inside the file, you could change the following settings:


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How & where are Windows User Themes Files stored?
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