How to edit Windows SendTo options on right-click menu

How to edit Windows SendTo options on right-click menu

While using Windows OS, you probably have had the chance to interact with the “Send To” option on the Right-Click menu of a file. On hovering or clicking on the “Send To”, a drop-down menu appears with options like;

Compressed folder
Desktop (Shortcut)

If you haven’t interacted with the menu, just right-click on any file and there you will find the words “Send To”.

Have you ever wondered where these options are stored? Has it ever crossed your mind to change, add or remove an option (like the boring “Fax” option) in that very menu? This article explains how to do all that.

To perfom any modifications on the “Send To” menu, you first need to know where to do so, because of course it is not possible to do so directly on the menu.

Navigate to the following location:



Once you land on the location, you quickly note that all the options you see on the “Send To” menu are all there.
Now you have the chance to make all the changes you want, until you are satisfied with the menu.

For instance, for proof of concept, you could change the case of the first option from “Bluetooth” to “BLUETOOTH” or you could even change it to “”BT 4.0”. Next, you could remove the “Fax” option that you are probably never going to use. Lastly, you could add some extra option of your choice to the menu.
Once you are done editing the menu folder, just right-click on any file that you have permissions to access/read/write and check
f the changes you made on the folder are reflected on the menu. If they aren’t you could try rebooting your PC.

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Edit Windows SendTo options on right-click menu
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