20 reasons to create a Tutanota Free Email Account

20 reasons to create a Tutanota Free Email Account

20 reasons to create a Tutanota Free Email Account

Tutanota is an email client organization. When you sign up for their mailbox, by default, you get full encryption and absolutely no ads even in their Free Subscription. Tutanota is a free source or open source email client, and its directory on GitHub is; https://github.com/tutao/tutanota!

Tutanota has quite some interesting and unique functionalities that it can offer. Most of the functionalities discussed in this article are available in the basic Free Subscription account. If you have no large loads of mail, then this personal mailbox will be just perfect for you!

NOTE:// Tutanota can be used anonymously, if the user desires so, using services like Tor in the Tor Browser. This is made possible by the fact that besides the possibility of creating your account anonymously, Tutanota does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Therefore, unlike many mailing services out there, Tutanota allows you to manage your mails on the World Wide Web (WWW), and anonymously like on a Tor Browser, instead of using it on a device that can be uniquely identified, e.g. computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, if you do not wish to manage your mails anonymously, you could invite Tutanota in your personal space by installing platform-specific Tutanota software, available on Tutanota’s official website for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows && macOS.


Tutanota Free Account Benefits

20 reasons to create a Tutanota Free Email Account

1. 1 GB Free Storage.

This is quite adequate for personal use, and if you have no media being sent into and out of your email, you will take many years to fill up this free storage. By then, you will probably have known the importance of Tutanota as your personal mailing service, and will definitely want to Upgrade to a paid option (You probably not need to exhaust your storage to subscribe to a paid option).

2. Authentication

20 reasons to create a Tutanota Free Email Account

Tutanota is quite unique in its e-mailing service package. After entering your details during the account creation process, Tutanota offers a very uncommon and effective way of proving that you are Human. The authentication is a request for you to input displayed time on an Analog Clock. Many products out there use CAPTCHA to prove humanity.

3. Resetting Password

Yet another interesting part of Tutanota, is the process of recovery of your account, in case you forget your password. Now, I know many might consider this a downside, but if you value Internet Privacy, it is on the ups-side! At the end of the sign up process, Tutanota provides you with a 64-character long alphanumerical, as the Recovery Code. This is all you need to reset your password. It is not advisable to store this code in your brain – you will waste a lot of energy cramming it and you will most likely not remember it the next day (but you could go for that too, if you’re up for a challenge).

4. End-to-End encryption

Even the free account gets the same end-to-end encryption as the other paid options, so your mails will be safe from interception.

5. Address Book

As you would expect any serious e-mailing service to offer, Tutanota gives you an address book to store your contacts of choice.


6. Calendar

Again, as most other e-mailing services, Tutanota gives you a calendar where you can add and manage your events.

7. Formatting options

Unlike the previous two options which are common on other mailing platforms, Tutanota offers a “not very common” feature in their Text-Area for formatting text – features that are available in word processors. Though not many, these formatting features are what you will most likely ever require in an e-mail. They inlude; insert image, ordered/unordered list, bold, italics, underline, monospace, hyperlink, alignment && font size.

8. Folder

Tutanota allows you to create custom folders to organize your mails as you wish. A limitation on this one exists in the free account, as you cannot sort emails automatically from Inbox to the desired folders.

9. Second Factor Authentication

Besides the password, Tutanota provides other ways to secure your account, and to ensure that, you and only you, have access to your account. These security measures are generally known as Second Factor Authentication (2FA), and are not specific to Tutanota but are also available in many other products that give a shit about the security of their clients. Tutanota offers; Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) && Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Secure key. 2FA services are all Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) projects.

10. Session && IP Logging

Even in the free account, your Closed & Active Sessions are Logged by Time. This would help much in knowing if your account has been compromised. You have the option of switching on IP logging option to log IPs during sessions and for auditing purposes. The logs are encrypted before storage and are automatically deleted in two weeks time.


11. Switching between themes

You have probably noted that many applications, including web apps, are implementing multiple themes for a user to switch between. Well, Tutanota is one of those who have adopted this technique to switch between the common Light theme and a Dark theme. Different users have different inclinations, in terms of the light and dark themes.

12. Monitoring Storage Usage

Tutanota provides you the information on how much storage you have utilized. This makes it possible to know if you are running out of space, and could prolly delete some of the media/mails taking up much space.

13. Custom Sender Name

Tutanota allows you to set a custom name to appear in sent emails.

14. Email Signature

Tutanota provides three options; None/Default/Custom signature. Default defaults to the Tutanota email signature while Custom allows you to enter your own “thing”.

15. Confidential or Non-Confidential delivery

Tutanota gives you the flexibility of choosing between end-to-end encrypted emails (Confidential) and unencrypted ones (Non-Confidential). The good thing here is that, by default, the Confidential delivery option is what is used.


16. Send Format

Tutanota also gives you the option of selecting how you want your mails to be sent, either formatted in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) or Plain Text. HTML is selected by default.

17. Out of Office notifications

You can set custom messages set to notify people who send emails when you are not available to read them. These messages are sent in plain text, and can be set to go out at a set date range.

18. Delete Account

Tutanota gives you the freedom to opt out of their service by deletion of your account. There is absolutely no “bureaucracy” involved. You just have to consent to the deletion of your account.

19.Multiple Languages

Tutanota has an impressive language base, made up of 42 International languages. When you choose a different language different from the one you were using, the language changes take effect Immediately!

20. KeyBoard Shortcuts

This is the last feature discussed in this article, but it doesn’t make it less cool, but instead makes using Tutanota more interesting. Tutanota has this Keyboard Shortcuts feature even in your free mailbox.

Depending on where you are, the options available to you increase or decrease. However, I have extracted the exclusive list of shortcuts that usable within Tutanota. They include;

Help (F1), Formatting (Ctrl + B [Bold], Ctrl + I [Italics], Ctrl + U [Underline]), Scroll (Page up/down/Home/End), Read Previous/Next mail (Up/Down arrow keys), Select Previous/Next mail (Shift + Up/Down), New Mail (N), Delete Mail (Del/Delete), Move mail to Inbox (I), Move mail to different folder (V), Switch to Inbox/Drafts/Sent/Trash/Archive/Spam (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Email view (M), Contacts (C), Calendar (O), Settings (S), Reply (R), Reply all (Shift + R), Forward (Shift + F) && Logout (Ctrl + Shift + L)!


NOTE:// These is the exclusive list for major features available for a Free Tutanota Account. Of course there are other minor, common features that are not covered, but to exhaust the list, this article would be too long, and thus definitely boring!

Upon Subscription to paid mailboxes, you of course get a ton of other advanced features, including but not limited to; creating and managing Multiple users, Whitelabel (Customizing Tutanota for a corporate email subdomain and including link to legal notice & link to privacy policy), Contact Forms, Groups, Inbox Rules (to sort out emails automatically to certain folders), Spam Rules & Rejected Mails && Custom Notification Emails (adding custom templates for multiple languages)!

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20 reasons to create a Tutanota Free Email Account
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