How can an organization reduce potential risk from an employee after hiring them

How can an organization reduce potential risk from an employee after hiring them

The hiring process is key in reducing potential risks from employees in any organization. Some of the processes that can be performed during hiring to reduce potential risks are;

1. Skills Assessment – After an applicant is evaluated and seen to be the best, their skills have to be tested using the organization’s resources, that includes the systems that they will be working with. This is to prove that the new employee is knowledgeable and competent on the areas they are going to be assigned, to prevent non-compliance with security policies which result in potential risks including simple mistakes like data entry errors which can cause extreme situations like system failures.

2. Induction Training – This is the process of enlightening the newly hired employee on the dos and donts of the organization, including security policies. This process is crucial as it ensures that the employee is up to speed with an organization’s practices and procedures thus improving their productivity. Compliance with policies, practices and procedures ensures that the employee will not cause harm to the organization by not following sensitive policies, especially security procedures.

3. Payment Review Plan – As early as after hiring, it is important to discuss matters of payments (which should be competitive), and besides the current salary, also how the salary will be raised gradually with time. This motivates the employee and keeps them focused on the organization’s mission and at the same time preventing thoughts of sabotage and insider jobs thus reducing potential risks.

4. Performance Appraisal/Review – This process involves performance evaluation using metrics and documentation of employees’ performance. Like the Payment Review Plan, this keeps the employee motivated towards the organization’s mission and also keeps their mind off of sabotage and insider jobs meant to bring down the organization for personal or financial gain.

5. Consistent Engagement – A newly hired employee must be involved in the organization’s activities both official and non-official when possible. Non-official activities sells the organization’s culture that is anchored on the organization’s goals, mission and practices, all of which help in assimilating the employee in compliance with policies including security policies, thus minimizing potential risks.


How can an organization reduce potential risk from an employee after hiring them
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