What is the difference between BMC Remedy and Microsoft SharePoint?

What is the difference between BMC Remedy and Microsoft SharePoint?


Remedy is an IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that uses tickets to request for customer or help desk services.

Remedy was developed by BMC Software, Inc as an ITSM software. BMC stands for:- Boulette, Moores and Cloer, initials for the founders:- Scott Boulette, John Moores, and Dan Cloer

In Remedy, to request for services, that is, help, you have to create a ticket. This can be done manually or automatically. The way the ITSM platform operates is that you have to create rules that will dictate when your system reports problems for the automatic creation of tickets, which is the recommended and efficient one.

From an Incidents tab, you have to create Incident Rules, referred to as Rule Set, from the Enterprise Management Console. Remedy provides you with two options to create Tickets, as Events or as Incidents. Both Events and Incidents rules aim to report incoming events/incidents or updates to events/incidents. Incidents allow one to select priority of the incident, for instance, priority 1 or on a critical/severity/fatal scale. Upon completion of the configuration of the Rules Set, a request is sent to the Remedy Service Desk Connector when an event/incident that matches the set rules occurs.



SharePoint is a platform that allows people or teams and organizations to collaborate on a common task through creation of intranets for information sharing.

SharePoint was developed by Microsoft Corporation as a collaboration platform.

For SharePoint, the goal is to harmonize data and information from different people with a common goal. This process involves linking of Microsoft services in their Office 365 package, including Outlook for mails and Office Suite online package. Linking of these services allows for centralization of data and SharePoint maintains document versions including when and by whom the documents were accessed. SharePoint becomes useful especially where large numbers of documents are involved. To help with locating documents, SharePoint has a Search functionality that allows one to search for keywords.

During working in a team, all the files, for effective management are saved in Lists, where all team members can continue from where they left. Lists are maintained and managed in Libraries, and access to a Library gives one access to all Lists inside it. Another important feature in SharePoint is the ability to automatically create Sites, Communication and Team Sites, to facilitate communication and collaboration. The Sites allow members to hold private message boards and save ideas in OneNote Notebooks. They also allow members to store and share documents as well as create custom Sites for each team member. SharePoint also allows administrators to create and manage to-do lists for the team members.


What is the difference between BMC Remedy and Microsoft SharePoint?
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